AstraG - The Opensource GUI for AsteriskPBX

What is Asterisk?

Asterisk is an opensource IP PBX phone system. It's truly awesome, and supports such features as: SIP and IAX Connections, Queues, IVR, Audio Playback and Recording, and much, much more. You can learn more here:


What is AstraG?

AstraG is an opensource project started to make management of Asterisk simple for the callcenter. It's based on Asterisk Realtime, so it's purely MySQL driven.


Where can I get AstraG?

AstraG is currently still in development. So I encourage you to check back often for updates and sneak peeks at the software.


How can I support AstraG?

Donations to pay for development time is always welcome. You can make a donation through sourceforge. In addition, once our first version is released, we're always looking for suggestions of improvement, and any reports of bugs. This is another way of supporting the AstraG project.


I would like to join the team. How do I contact the developers?

We're always looking for more help. We want our first release to be feature rich.
Feel free to contact us via email: admin (@)